Graphology In The Age Of Artificial Intelligence

We have reached an era, where machines have almost overtaken humans. Employees in the bank who were responsible for updating our passbooks have been replaced by machines and similar advancements have been made in different sectors like Recruitment, Healthcare, etc. The most common word that we come across these days is “Artificial Intelligence” (AI)(Google meaning: the theory and development of computer system able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation between languages). Though AI is currently in its nascent stage, it is very much on its way to rule our lives.

I am a professional Graphologist; many individuals approach me and ask what the future of Graphology holds, which essentially requires human activity (writing), especially when people hardly write in this age of technology and when everything is efficiently carried out by machines?

Graphology (study of an individual’s handwriting patterns to help understand his or her personality/behaviour) is the most valuable tool which can work wonders. Graphology helps to reveal many tangible and intangible aspects of human personality which cannot be perceived at conscious level. It’s a total eye opener. Many interesting and unusual aspects of human persona can be revealed beforehand just in seconds, which machines may fail to detect. For instance, if an employee in a company is prone to dishonesty or has a suspicious nature, it can be efficiently divulged in his/her handwriting instantly, and so the employers can take appropriate actions well in advance and prevent potential losses to the company. It can be efficiently utilised in many sectors like Banking, all kinds of organizations, Recruitment, Educational Institutions, etc. It is very beneficial for scanning right candidates for a job, to select appropriate business partner /spouse, to know about illnesses, childhood trauma, to detect fraud and in every possible area where humans are involved. Moreover, necessary and positive changes can be made through Graphotherapy (making necessary changes in one’s thought process by making appropriate changes in handwriting pattern in order to gain positive results.)

The biggest advantage of Graphology is no matter how frequently/infrequently you write, or how good /bad your handwriting is, the moment you move your pen on the paper, it begins to reveal your thought process. It is just your willingness to write a handwriting sample to get your handwriting analysed that really matters.

So, Graphology is here to stay. And as long as there is human existence on this planet, Graphology shall prevail.

By Graphologist Mithila M Nate

+91 84528 71221

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