Does Graphotherapy Work?

Does Graphotherpay Really Work?

To begin with, let’s first understand what Graphotherapy really is. Graphotherapy is a therapy which helps us to re -programme our subconscious mind to gain positive results through our handwriting. This is done by making the clients aware of the thought process or the root cause which is affecting their overall life. It is recommended to clients after a thorough Handwriting Analysis session. Alphabets or formations in a particular format are suggested for practice to help overcome pressing issues which hamper normal functioning of life. Issues range from health issues, financial problems, emotional turbulence, mental health, academics, professional concerns, etc. Clients are suggested to practice the alphabets or formations for a certain time period or till the time suggested by your Graphologist.

At this stage, there are chances many of us may become sceptical, whether there is any point in doing this? Does it really work? How can this work? How long will it take?

As we know Graphology helps us understand our subconscious mind. During Handwriting Analysis session many aspects which we carry with us from generations are bought to consciousness. Most of the times, we are not aware of our thoughts or our programming which have been constantly hampering our lives for generations .If the same thought process is not changed, our next generations will continue to have the same life with similar outcomes and problems.

How Can You Benefit The Most From Graphotherapy :

1) Have Faith: As they say, “Faith Can Move Mountains”. Practice the therapy with faith. Have the faith that you will slowly and gradually achieve the desired outcome once you start practicing the therapy.

2) Be Consistent: Be regular in following your Graphotherapy. Make it a routine till it becomes a habit. Once, it sinks in your mind, you will automatically experience results.

3) Consult Your Graphologist Regularly: While practicing your Graphotherapy, make it a point to consult your Graphologist. This is very crucial, because your Graphologist will guide you appropriately.

He /She will help you understand whether you are practicing the suggested alphabets or formations properly. Are there is any deviations in the way you are practicing your formations? If yes, a proper way will be shown to you.

You can also share your experiences after you have started the therapy,

with your Graphologist. If required, appropriate alterations can be recommended to you.

4) Be Patient: This is the key to your Graphotherapy success. Remember, your current thought process, has been with you from generations. Your mind may take longer time to get accustomed to the new thought process. So, be willing to give your mind, the time it needs. It also depends on your willpower. How fast you want the changes. In both the cases, be patient and regular with your practice.

So, Graphotherapy does work. It will work only if we are willing to put in the required efforts.

By Graphologist Mithila M Nate

+91 84528 71221

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