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For online consultation please send your Handwriting Sample on Whatsapp (+91 8452871221)

Fees : Rs.2,500/-

Mode : One on One session via Zoom.

Handwriting Sample Format:

1. On A4 size unruled sheet write 1 and ½ pages about you.

2. Do not use back side of page. Use two different pages.

3. Sign 3 times after completing the sample.


Please specify the purpose of Handwriting Analysis :

1. General for Personality Development

2. Health             

3. Finance           

4. Relationship

5. Career Counselling /Professional Guidance

6. All of the above


  • Appointment will be confirmed after receiving your Handwriting Sample and Payment.

  • Payment can be made through Paytm or Bank Transfer.

  • Graphotherapy will be emailed.

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