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Graphology Basic Course

Duration : 4 sessions

3 Hours

Age : 18+

What will you learn?

  • How to understand any person through his/her handwriting?

  • How to become more aware of yourself through your Handwriting?

  • Identify the reason behind consistent behaviour patterns through Handwriting Analysis

  • Various skill sets and talents like Leadership, Planning & Organization, Time Management and much more.

  • Science of Graphology.

  • How a personality is developed?

  • Full- fledged Handwriting & Signature Analysis.

  • Fundamentals of Graphology like Margin, Spacing, Pressure, Slant etc.


Who can attend?

This course is open to everyone who is willing to understand themselves and their near and dear ones through the art of Handwriting Analysis!


Course Takeaway :

It will add another skill in your cap, to understand individuals accurately just in few seconds through their Handwriting.And of course a certificate of completion of course.

Graphology Advanced Course

Duration:4 sessions

3 Hours

Age : 18+

What will you learn?

  • Various effects of our thought process on our personality.

  • Cause and effects of developing bitterness towards others.

  • Reasons behind various types of illnesses like Stomach Problem, Heart Problems, Throat Issue, Back Pain, Cancer, etc.

  • Why one faces difficulty in reducing weight?

  • Why there is conflict in Relationships (Parents, Spouse, Social Circle, etc).

  • How our thought process plays a vital role in our Financial/Money aspect.

Who can attend?

Those who have completed Graphology Basic Course.

Course Takeaway:

Understand development of human personality in depth. And of course certificate of completion.

Drawing Analysis Course

Duration : 1 session

4 Hours

Age :18+

What will you learn?

  • Meaning & relevance of all the elements of nature in a drawing.

  • How drawing analysis can help to understand our thoughts, feeling, and behaviour.

  • How a person’s self image is developed.

  • Root -cause analysis of our relationships. How our relationships are formed and their effects.

  • Fears, insecurity, problem solving attitude of an individual.

  • Financial aspect of an individual. How a person prefers to invest money.

  • Ambition level of a person.

  • Attitude of an individual to cope with difficulties in life.

  • How to identify health issues like stomach problems, arthritis through drawing analysis.

  • How to analyse drawing samples of Cancer patients.

  • Actual Drawing Analysis to be done by each participant.


Who Can Learn?​

  • Everyone who is curious to understand a human personality through one’s drawing.

Course Takeaway:

  • A certificate of completion of the course.

  • A lifelong skill to understand any individual’s personality accurately just by observing his/her drawing.

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