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What is Handwriting Analysis?

Handwriting Analysis is a scientific method to assess ones personality through his/her Handwriting. Many astonishing aspects from a person’s handwriting can be understood within seconds. Facets from Health, Wealth, Relationships, Profession, Career, etc can be understood efficiently.

Why should you get your Handwriting Analysed?

Handwriting Analysis goes a long way in understanding oneself better. This Self Awareness process helps us to strengthen our positive aspects and gives us an opportunity to work on our exact weaknesses through a constructive plan. This helps us to lead a more Successful, Peaceful, Healthy & Wealthy life.

Handwriting Analysis is beneficial to all age groups and caters to various segments.

How can Handwriting Analysis aid in Individual Progress (All Age Groups)

  • Understand yourself better by knowing your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity ,Threats to perform better in life.

  • Pave your way to Financial Prosperity.

  • Understand the reason behind your illnesses and cure them with the help of


  • Improve your relationships with your Partner, Spouse, Parents, Friends, Social Circle.

  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety level and re-energize yourself with positive energy and vitality.

  • Lead a Balanced Lifestyle.

Benefits of Handwriting Analysis for Professionals

  • Shine in your Professional World

  • Know your natural Working Style

  • Select suitable type of Employment.

  • Understand your Strengths and Leadership Qualities

  • Know your appropriate profession as per your Skills, Talents & Abilities

  • Discover your effective Communication Style

  • Spot your Core Competencies

  • Master your Time Management Skills

  • Improve Planning & Organization Skills

For Organizations (Human Resources)

  • Find right person for right job.

  • Boost Cash flow and Profits by Recruiting Efficient Employees

  • Improve Employee Engagement in your Organization

  • Understand employees Emotional Intelligence Level.

  •  Competency Mapping of Employees

  • Identify / Develop Employees Efficiency by understanding their Personality Traits.

  • Know the Intangible Personality Traits of employees like Integrity, Punctuality, Reliability, Discipline, Decision Making, Leadership Qualities, etc.

  • Employee’s Planning & Execution Style.

  • Understand Emotional & Physical Health of Employees.

For Child Development (Age 5 - 14)

  • Understand issues which your child is unable to communicate with you.

  • Understand your child’s mindset, talents, skills, aptitude, abilities.

  • Any shortcoming in your child can be detected at an early stage and effective therapy can be provided.

  • Know your child’s innermost fears, insecurities, inhibitions.

  • Boost Memory & Concentration in Children.

  • Improve his/her Academic Performance

  • Solutions to Attention – Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Difficulty, Anxiety, Stress, Aggression.

  • Improve Parent – Child relationship.

  • Overall well being of your Child.

For Selecting Appropriate Life Partner

  • Understand your Prospective partner well.

  • Know their way of thinking and mindset

  • Overall Compatibility of Prospective Partner.

  • Relationship Counselling

  • Marriage Counselling


For Selecting Appropriate Business Partner

  • A right Business Partner plays a vital role in your Business’s Success. Handwriting Analysis helps in understanding your Business Partner better.

  • It will help in understanding whether your Business Partner is worth Trusting or not?

  • Weather your Business Partner is compatible with your Business Needs?

  • Can you rely on your Business Partner in your absence?

For Forensic Investigation

  • Detect Fraudulent Activities like Bank Frauds, Signature Forgery, and Theft.

  • For verifying Questioned Documents.

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